About Us


We are Maggie and Spencer, a local Chinese family running a guest house in urban Hong Kong.

We run this simple, yet affordable guesthouse for those people seeking a real experience in Old Kowloon, instead of the usual tourist accommodation. We have a peculiar community atmosphere where you are:

  • getting to know people from all over the world by living together peacefully;
  • experiencing and fostering mutual tolerance;
  • learning to respect specific intercultural characteristics through personal contact;
  • exploring the city of Hong Kong and its surroundings from different perspectives.

We are also happy to help you discover the city and share with you places to visit and activities to participate according to your interests.


Hoho Hostel 【好棧旅居】是年青夫婦營運的小旅館,我們希望在接待之中,讓你看見更有趣的香港地。這裡不止於購物,還有人文、生態和本土氣色,有待你的探索。

Hoho Hostel 【好棧旅居】小小甜,多多趣。沒有奢華的外表,我們只想要分享一種態度。相信,旅行是一個人生旅程的好道場,可以是有趣、啟發、刺激、充電、緩衝或擴張境界的修練所。所以我們誠心設計的旅舍,舒適又安全,為你更遠更長的旅程加油。


這裡,更可報名參加不同的地道hohoTOUR/ hohoEXPERIENCE/ hohoEAT,與世界各地的新舊朋友一同體驗【好棧】的

*【好棧】在廣東話中包含” 好棧鬼”的意思,代表活躍和精靈的生活態度。我們希望入住的旅客也可以體驗好棧又有趣的香港地,因為這裡不止於購物,還有人文、生態和本地氣色。而英文名“Hoho呵呵”讓人想起那位肥嘟嘟的聖誕老人, 和她的招牌笑聲,是一份快樂、驚喜和溫暖安全的一種期盼,更是我們青年旅舍的服務承諾。

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