Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Jordon?
  2. How’s Kowloon look?

FAQ/Why Jordon?

Jordon is one of the last remaining urban areas in Hong Kong that right next to Tsim Sha Shui (10 minutes’ walk) and has the famous night market, Temple Street, since 1920’s. The neighborhood in its traditional vibe is filled with local bakeries, independent cafes, family-ran street stalls and small shops. You got to see the high-end residence too like clubhouses with lawn and low-rise walk up complexes.

Stroll along local streets to take in the sights, sounds and smells of real Hong Kong. Be amazed by washed laundry being hung at windows, HK$5 melt-in-your-mouth egg tart and a treasure hunt on street corner stalls. And hundreds of restaurants ranging from Nepalese style, western coffee and Cantonese frying pan seafood can be found in hohoEAT food map (google map).

FAQ/How’s Kowloon look?

Kowloon Peninsula (literally “Nine Dragons”) has almost edged out all traces of its historic origin, even Hong Kong is a soaring developed city. In Kowloon, you’ll get a much more local authentic experiences then travelling in Central to climb the Peak or visit the brand shopping malls.

Kowloon has much more to do. More shops, more eateries. You can visit Bruce Lee statue by the Victoria harbor front. Transportation to the spectacular countryside, beaches and islands in the east of Hong Kong is simply convenient. Of course, we recommend you hohoTour to explore more histories in “Nine Dragons”.

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