Dear Guests,

Welcome you to our hostel! We kindly ask that all guests please follow these simple rules in order to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Dorm life is all about respect for your roommate and neighbours!

General Rules

  • Please take off your outdoor shoes when entering the guesthouse.
  • Please leave the shared places as clean as you found it, as our lovely helpers are helping us to uphold our high standards of hygiene.
  • Before leaving, please make sure to let us know about any food you are leaving in the fridge, in order to prevent it from going bad and producing unpleasant smells.

Night-time Rules

  • Please try not to make too much noise after 11 pm in the dormitory rooms or corridors which might disturb other guests sleep.
  • If coming back late at night, don’t use the ceilings lights. Use the bed lights instead.

Personal Belongings

  • Please, look after your personal belongings!!! You can use the lockers. We cannot take responsibility for any loss, theft or damaged to any guest property whatever the cause.


  • Please conserve water and electricity in the hostel as well. Do not leave the water running when you do not really need it. Please turn off the light when you leave a room. Save the power and save the world!

Damages and Losses

  • If you lose or damaged any property belonging to Ho Ho Hostel, sorry we will have to charge you for it. The compensation must be paid immediately and in cash.

Please feel free to ask for help! And last, but not least, don’t forget to leave a comment/review about your stay and our staff. We work every day to improve our services and your comments and suggestions will be a precious help for us.

Thank you very much! 

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